Killiney Kespresso Black Coffee Family Bundle (Capsule Pods) - Killiney Singapore

Killiney Kespresso Black Coffee Family Bundle (Capsule Pods)

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When tradition meets present - Welcome to the Good Ol' Days as Killiney brings you authentic Nanyang roast in capsule pods. You can now indulge in The Killiney Experience anytime, anywhere.

  • Proudly Made in Singapore
  • Authentic Nanyang roast
  • Aromatic brew with no added sugar
  • Perfect way to start your classic mornings 
  • Suitable for coffee lovers who prefer robust local black coffee  
  • 6 Boxes of Killiney Kespresso Black Coffee. Each Box comes in 10 capsules of 5 grams each
  • Uses biodegradable oxygen barrier capsules
  • Compatible with Nespresso® Machines
Note: As Kespresso Black Coffee utilizes Nanyang-style roasted coffee powder (instead of western coffee powder), the extraction rate may vary and differ from the typical coffee capsules. 


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