Killiney New Corporate Video 2022 - Enriching Generations

Killiney New Corporate Video 2022 - Enriching Generations
Established in 1919, Killiney Kopitiam is a homegrown heritage brand first started by Hainanese immigrants along Killiney Road. While maintaining this antiquated yet humble shopfront, we have grown to become famous for serving the quintessential Singaporean breakfast - kaya bread toast, half boiled eggs and a cup of hot kopi/teh that is well-liked by both Singaporeans and tourists.
Fast forward today, this unique fusion of traditional and modern Kopitiam style is an extraordinary experience that transports one back in time to enjoy the good ol’ days.
We at Killiney hope to keep the heritage alive and make our Singaporean Traditional delicacies a staple across all generations. You can now enjoy The Killiney Experience right at the comfort of your homes with our wide range of conveniently packed product offerings that include our premium beverages and food sauces.
Do share with us your Killiney experience and memories, we’d love to hear from you ☕️💖

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